Hi, I’m Sam!

As a content creator, I’m passionate about transformative travel that’s changes the traveler themselves AND leaves a positive impact on the places that they visit. I focus on travel as a force for good and specialize in creating content about responsible travel, veganism, and house sitting as a way to travel the world. I believe in empowering travelers to go deeper with their journeys both near and far.


Freelance travel writer, blogger, and author of The House Sitting Handbook and The Madrid Vegan Guidebook.


Co-host of The Alternative Travelers Podcast, new interview show to come soon!

Community Builder

Co-Admin of 35K+ member Facebook group, Vegan Travel, creating a safe and inclusive space to discuss vegan travel.


I’ve been traveling since a young age, with my first international trip to France at the tender age of seven. This early exposure to different cultures has stayed with me throughout my life, from writing my first travelogues at age ten, to my academic training in anthropology, and now to my life as a digital nomad and content creator focused on the transformative power of travel.


My work has been featured across a wide variety of publications, podcasts, and videos.