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CreditWalk: How to Be a Responsible Traveller

NerdWallet: Why You Should Slow Travel At Least Once

Writing from Nowhere: Remote Work Success Stories: Women to Inspire You to Go for It


All Around Adventure: Samantha Anthony: House Sitting the World (December 2020)

Nomad’s WayLiving Your Dream Life Through House Sitting with Sam (August 2020)

Venture-ette: Travel sustainably while house sitting around the world (August 2020)

Nomadopia Radio: Grounded Nomads: Sam Anthony (June 2020) [recorded with a live audience in the Nomadtopia Collective, an online membership group]


 #TheNewTravel Winner: Tweet with Most Impressions (6,355,708 impressions): Amsterdam’s Tourism Board Initiatives (September 2020)

#TheNewTravel Winner: Tweet with Most Retweets: Amsterdam’s Tourism Board Initiatives (September 2020)

1st Place Winner: Fluent City’s Non-Fiction Travel Writing Competition (2015)